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Track Your Vehicle Any Place

Real-time vehicle tracking that puts you in the driver’s seat!

Empower yourself with advanced vehicle tracking solutions that allow you to monitor your vehicle anywhere, anytime, on the Matrix App or on the Matrix Online Platform.

Dynamic Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Explore the capability of Matrix’s dynamic vehicle tracking solutions. Whether you’re on the move or at your desk, our comprehensive suite of tools keeps you connected to your vehicle’s whereabouts 24/7. The cutting-edge Matrix App and the intuitive Online Portal, gives you full control and visibility over your vehicle’s location and status from anywhere in the world. Weather you run a business with a small fleet or weather you just want to keep an eye on your pride and joy, Matrix Vehicle Tracking has a solution to suite your needs.

The Matrix smartphone app sets the standard with advanced vehicle positioning features, including Street View integration and real-time traffic updates. Stay on top of expenses and gain peace of mind with instant alerts, notifying you of unauthorized vehicle movements, no-go zone travelling or battery tampering.

No-Go Zones - Car Tracker App | Matrix
Stolen Vehicle Recovery - Beame App | Matrix Car Tracking App

Tailored Solutions For Your Unique Needs

A diverse range of tailored solutions caters to your unique tracking and personal safety needs, ensuring you and your loved ones enjoy customized levels of security and assurance that fit your pocket and your requisite.

Matrix offers flexibility and personalisation when it comes to vehicle tracking. With three core solutions to which you can add specific additional features that are unique to your needs. All of the MXV solutions come standard with GPS Pinpoint Positioning, the Matrix App, National Network Coverage, access to National Operations Centre in case of emergencies, Auto testing and confidence checks and all Matrix devices are approved by all major Insurers in South Africa.

Standard Features Of The Matrix Vehicle Tracking App

MXV Bronze

Matrix offers the MXV Bronze, MXV Silver and MXV Gold solutions. These are pre-bundled solutions based on Matrix’s professional advise.

Matrix is always right by our side with personalized vehicle tracking and recovery solutions.

Vehicle Tracking App - Matrix Bronze | Matrix

MXV Bronze

All standard features plus Beame Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Trips.

Vehicle Tracking App - Matrix Silver | Matrix

MXV Silver

All standard features, all Bronze features plus Panic alert with remote and GeoLoc Advance Alert.

Vehicle Tracking App - Matrix Gold | Matrix

MXV Gold

All standard features, all Bronze and Silver features plus Crash Alert.