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Today’s family can be any shape and size. Big or small, traditional or modern, with toddlers, teens, students and extended members. No matter how your family looks, you can trust Matrix to keep them all safe.

We go beyond live vehicle tracking

Is your son heading off on his first solo trip to university in a different province? Our live tracking solution enables you to find out his exact location using your smartphone or computer. Does your partner do all the grocery shopping for your home? Panic Remote lets them send a silent distress signal to Matrix should they feel threatened in a quiet parking lot. Letting your kids take the car to visit their grandparents for the long weekend? Crash Alert will notify Matrix of any serious accident and help will be dispatched to their exact location – 24/7.

Vehicle Tracking For My Family - Car Tracker | Matrix
Vehicle Tracking For My Family - Emergencies | Matrix

Get Peace Of Mind With Matrix

As a valued Matrix customer, you get proactive personal protection, access to sophisticated technology and nationwide 24-hour assistance. Highly trained, professional and passionate teams are also at your disposal – anywhere in South Africa. This gives you complete peace of mind that in an emergency, you know your loved ones will be protected.

With Matrix right by your side, you can feel confident that your family is in safe hands when it matters most.

Right By Your Side

Some of the features of the Matrix Vehicle Tracking App include:

Panic Alert With Remote - Icon | Matrix

Panic Remote

With Panic Remote, you know that help is on its way to them, when you are not around. Should a family member feel vulnerable, pressing the remote button sends a silent distress signal and Matrix will immediately respond.

Roadside and Medical Assist - Icon | Matrix

Roadside and Medical Assist

Vehicle breakdown, flat tyre or collision – you don’t want your loved ones stranded on the side of the road. Get peace of mind for yourself and your family members through our nationwide, 24-hour assistance service.

GPS Pinpoint Positioning - Vehicle Tracking - Icon | Matrix

GPS Pinpoint Positioning

Want to know the precise position of your vehicle? Using the latest GPS technology, you can get its exact, real-time location, irrespective of hills, buildings or basement parking. It’s the perfect way to keep track of your vehicle.

Crash Alert - Vehicle Tracking Features - Icon | Matrix

Crash Alert

When there has been a serious accident, every minute counts. Crash Alert will notify our control room about the incident, ensuring that an emergency response team is immediately dispatched.

The Matrix Vehicle Tracking App comes with a range of standard features. Download the Matrix App from the Apple iStoreGoogle Play Store or the Huawei App Gallery.