Stolen Car Recovery - Beame App | Matrix Car Tracking App

Easy Vehicle Recovery Device

Unlock Peace of Mind with Our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Feature

At Matrix, we understand that the security of your vehicle is paramount, and that’s why we’ve crafted an advanced, wireless solution to combat vehicle theft and enhance your peace of mind.

Our stolen vehicle recovery solution, Beame, uses state-of-the-art technology to provide swift and efficient response in the unfortunate event of a theft or hijacking. Equipped with real-time tracking capabilities within our National Operations Centre, our advanced technology and professional teams enable us to facilitate a prompt recovery.

The Beame device can be installed in any vehicle type, from trailers to caravans, to bakkies, cars and motorbikes. Beame is also a great option for business fleets as it can be installed in big and small trucks as well.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery - Beame App | Matrix Car Tracking App
Stolen Vehicle Recovery - Beame | Matrix Car Tracking App

Approved By All Major Insurers In South Africa

Beame, as a service of Matrix, is affordable, wireless, will not affect your vehicles electronic warranty, it is quick to install and has a lifetime warranty. If it needs to be replaced, we will do it free of charge.

The Matrix Stolen Vehicle Recovery solution is approved by all major insurers in South Africa, VESA Approved, ABS Approved and ISO9001:2008 approved.

The Matrix Vehicle Tracking App now enables you to view the position of your vehicle on a map within a radius of its pinpoint position. Download the Matrix App to experience this innovation in wireless vehicle recovery. The App also enables you to manage your account like never before. Request your insurance certificate, update your emergency contact information, get your latest statement and more. All in the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere.

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