Track Your vehicle

You own a vehicle and the independence it provides is liberating and very convenient. But it also comes with added responsibilities. Whatever wheels you call your own, Matrix is here for all your vehicle needs – and more.

We Go Beyond Vehicle Tracking

Does your new job mean you have to drive to all parts of the country? With Roadside Assist, you get 24-hour emergency help, so you aren’t stranded on the side of the road. Do you want to spend more time visiting friends and family? Pre-book a free Home Drive service so you and your vehicle get home safely when you choose not to drive. Are you holding the keys to your new or pre-owned car? With Stolen Vehicle Recovery, you have the best chance of recovery in case of theft or hijacking.

We value all our Matrix customers, and your personal safety and protection is our greatest priority. Our solutions use advanced technology, combined with dedicated recovery teams and an experienced control room, to dispatch help anytime, anywhere.

Vehicle Tracking For Me - Car Tracker | Matrix
Vehicle Tracking For Me - Car Tracking App | Matrix

Get Freedom & Convenience

At Matrix we understand that your needs extend beyond vehicle tracking, and we provide additional services to make life easier. Use the SARS Tax Logbook to automatically track expenses and Matrix Protect to help with licences, fines, pothole damage and RAF claims. The Matrix Vehicle Tracking app also gives you the convenience to track and monitor your vehicle from your smartphone.

Having Matrix in your vehicle is about so much more than just vehicle tracking, it’s about having complete peace of mind that wherever you go, Matrix is right by your side.

Right By Your Side

Some of the features of the Matrix Vehicle Tracking App include:

Stolen Vehicle Recovery - Beame | Matrix

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle theft and hijacking is a reality in South Africa. However, with Matrix’s advanced Stolen Vehicle Recovery technology and highly trained recovery personnel, you have the best chance of recovery.

Roadside and Medical Assist - Icon | Matrix

Roadside Assist

In any emergency situation, you want help as soon as possible. Roadside Assist is a nationwide, 24-hour service that sends trained personnel to your exact location as quickly as possible in case of an emergency.

Home Drive - Vehicle Tracking App - Icon | Matrix

Home Drive

Home Drive is a designated driver service that get you and your vehicle home safely. Pre-book a trip and then relax as our professional driver takes the wheel. You can also use it as a shuttle service to and from the airport.

Vehicle Tracking Tax Logbook - Vehicle Tracker | Matrix

Tax logbook

Tracking your travel and fuel expenses can be tedious but with our automated SARS Tax Logbook, it’s now effortless. Keep an accurate, detailed and electronic record of your trips and make your next tax season a breeze.