Insurance Approved Car Tracking App | Matrix

Approved By All Major Insurance Companies

Discover unparalleled peace of mind with Matrix and Beame, industry leading brands approved by all major South African insurance entities.

Vetted & Approved

Require an insurance approved tracking unit for your new car? Does your premium decrease if you install a tracking device in your vehicle? Matrix and Beame have got you covered!

Both Matrix and Beame are approved and recommended by all major South African insurance entities.

In addition, the Motor Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA) and the Accreditation Bureau for Security and Safety (ABS) have thoroughly vetted and sanctioned our cutting-edge vehicle tracking devices and recognise adherence to the highest industry standards exhibited by Matrix and Beame.

Insurance Recommended Vehicle Tracking App | Matrix
Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracking App | Matrix

Invest In A Seal Of Approval

When you choose Matrix and Beame, you’re not just opting for security solutions; you’re investing in a seal of approval from industry authorities. Rest assured that your vehicle’s safety is upheld by the best in the business, with endorsements that reflect a commitment to quality that goes above and beyond.

Trust in the reliability and effectiveness of Matrix and Beame and experience a new level of confidence on the road with our insurance approved tracking solutions.

Speak to a representative at your insurance company to find out how a tracking and recovery device can help you save.

The Matrix Vehicle Tracking App and Beame Vehicle Recovery App are approved by:

Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracking App | Matrix

Standard Features Of The Matrix Vehicle Tracking App