Your windscreen is the one part of your car that you use the most, but think the least about. Whether you are driving down the road or parked outside your house, it is your key to the outside world and it’s a very important piece of glass that allows you to see everything that is going on around you.

Most people don’t pay much attention to the condition of their windscreens but when there is a crack or chip, it immediately detracts from the driving experience. Your vehicle’s windscreen is a very important feature, designed to help you maintain a clear view of the road and protect you from flying debris and any outside elements.

Your windscreen forms an important part of the shell of your vehicle to assist with stability and strength of the body of the car (the chassis). In the event of a head-on collision, your windscreen provides up to 30% of the car’s structure. If your vehicle rolls, it offers up to 60% of the cabin reinforcement to prevent the vehicle from caving in onto passengers.

Even the smallest chip or crack in a windscreen, needs to be replaced to prevent your vehicle’s structural strength from weakening. Even if you have the smallest chip, get it repaired immediately.

Top tips to maintain your windscreen

With winter fast-approaching, it’s important to give your windscreen that extra bit of tender loving care.

Follow these top tips for a clear view all through winter:

  • Fogged up windows can be very dangerous on the road. To quickly clear fog from your windscreen, keep a chalkboard eraser nearby. To keep your windshield from fogging up, put shaving cream on the inside of your window and then wipe it off. The shaving cream contains the same ingredients as other defoggers.
  • If you find your wiper blades frozen to your windshield, soak a soft cloth with full strength rubbing alcohol and wipe each blade. The alcohol will stop the blades from sticking to the window.
  • Do not pour boiling hot water on your windscreen to remove ice. The thermal shock can crack your window, leaving you with an expensive bill.
  • Who said socks should only be worn on your feet? If your vehicle spends the nights out in the cold, cover your windscreen wipers with a pair of socks once you have parked for the night. This will prevent ice from forming on your wipers.

Winter is almost here and in many areas of the country, winter’s going to come hard and wet and messy and do all sorts frosting and freezing to our cars. Make sure to keep an eye on your car this winter to ensure that all systems and functions remain in tip-top working order.