On 18 July at around 13:30, a truck taking the N3 South off ramp from the M2 east overturned colliding with the barrier.

“The driver and the passenger both sustained light injuries,” reports Terence Teixeira from the Matrix Road Safety Association. “The passenger sustained a laceration to the head during the accident and was treated and transported to hospital by Emer-G-Med paramedics.”

The truck is alleged to have had approximately 30 tons of cargo in the container providing a challenge to recover. “The truck had to be recovered by two recovery trucks working together before being towed from scene,” he says.

Teixeira says that there is still a major problem with truck drivers not adhering to road rules and driving vehicles that are not road worthy on our roads.

“Trucks should have an adequate three second or longer following distance and should be driven at a speed from which they can be stopped safely. Also the emergency lane is for emergencies and should not be used as a stopping or loading lane. This is especially important to remember on the highways. Should the vehicle breakdown, make sure you use warning flashers and reflective triangles to warn traffic,” he suggests.

For more information on the Matrix Road Safety Association visit www.matrix.co.za.

Truck collides with barrier on N3 South off ramp