The Matrix Road Safety Association’s response vehicle arrived on scene and the on-board Emer-G-Med medic assisted fellow medics on scene ensuring all the patients had been attended to. Terence Teixeira from the Matrix Road Safety Association reported from the scene saying, “Fortunately the 12 passengers were only lightly injured, and no other vehicles were involved. All 12 patients were transported to hospital.”

“It appears that the taxi may have been travelling at a low speed when the accident occurred reducing the risk of more serious injuries. Keeping safe following distances also allows drivers time to react and avoid any further vehicles potentially being involved in incidents like this,” he says.

Teixeira urges drivers to check their tyres on a regular basis to ensure they do not have a blowout when on the roads.

He offers the following checklist that drivers should focus on:

Check tyres regularly for punctures, penetrations, cuts and bulges.
Cuts in the tyre could permit damp to reach the casing plies. This is harmful for both textile and steel casings and will affect safety and tyre life.
Wheel alignment – misaligned wheels will lead to excessive tyre wear.
A worn steering mechanism, ball joints and wheel bearings will also reduce tyre life.
Consult your vehicle manual for the proper size and speed rating. Some tyres are now marked with letters to indicate their speed ratings. Tyre speed ratings do not imply that vehicles can be driven safely at the maximum speed for which the tyre is rated, particularly under adverse road and weather conditions, or if the vehicle has unusual characteristics.
Missing valve caps should be replaced, since they are there to prevent dirt from clogging the valves, which could cause a loss of air pressure.
Torque wheel studs /nuts to correct setting when mounting new tyres – check for loose or missing wheel nuts.
Check tread depth on all tyres and replace well before they reach regulatory minimum depth of 1.00 mm to reduce the risk of aquaplaning on wet roads.
“Let’s all make an effort to ensure our vehicles are roadworthy,” he concludes.

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Taxi blowout leads to accident on N1 South