It’s important for women to be cautious when driving alone, especially since the latest statistics reveal that women who drive alone are much more target by criminals and hijackers, than men.

So what precautions can women take to ensure that you arrive safely at your destination?

Safety for women who drive alone – a list of do’s and don’ts

Don’t leave your valuables lying around: This is very important – don’t leave your handbag, jewellery, mobile, purse or any other valuables in plain sight as this will make you more of a target.

When possible, plan your trips: Be proactive and have a look at the route you will be taking. Map out the route you are traveling on to avoid getting lost or having to stop in awkward places. Don’t drive in the dark if you are not familiar with the surroundings. It’s also a good habit to always let someone know of your whereabouts to ensure your own safety should you need help.

Make use of technology: The Matrix panic remote enables you to send a silent distress signal to Matrix’s response team should you sense danger.

Keep your car well maintained: Service your car regularly to avoid breakdowns or any mechanical problems. It is also advised that you learn how to perform a few basic things, like changing a tyre.

Do not stop for anyone: As much as you may feel sorry for the guy trying to hitchhike his way to his next stop, don’t stop for anyone. Be aware of police impersonators, hitchhikers and “stranded motorists”.

Fill up: Ensure that you have enough fuel in your tank so that you can reach your destination safely. If you don’t have to make stops at unfamiliar petrol stations, you reduce the risk of being target for criminals lurking around.