Today (14 May) at around 12:00, a motorcyclist was knocked down by a delivery truck on Graystone Avenue in Wynberg. The truck was pulling out of a business premises when the driver did not see the motorcyclist on Graystone Avenue.

The motorcyclist sustained serious injuries and received immediate medical attention when the Matrix Road Safety Association and onboard Emer-G-Med paramedics arrived on the scene. The scene had secured by the Sandton Fire Department so the paramedics could safely treat the patient. The patient was stabilized and transported to hospital for further treatment.

“We urge motorist to at all times be vigilant of other vehicles and motorcycles around them,” says Terence Teixeira from Matrix Road Safety Association . “Motorcyclist need to wear the appropriate gear to make them more visible and to take more caution when passing in a vehicle’s blind spots,” he adds.

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