Considering the statistics on road deaths and serious accidents on South African Roads, 18 000 people killed annually and 150 000 severely injured (Medical Research Council), it is understandable why road safety is a top priority for Matrix Vehicle Tracking. Due to the fact that Matrix’s customers are vehicle owners and are potentially affected by dangerous situations on the roads, a road safety initiative termed ‘The Matrix Road Safety Association’ was established in April 2012.

All South Africans have a duty to ensure that their actions on our roads do not impact negatively on the lives of others.  The Matrix Road Safety Association empowers road users with life-saving information and creates awareness around responsibilities and realities when behind the wheel. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, chairman of the Commission for Global Road Safety, best highlighted this responsibility when posing the question, “What kills more children than Aids?”, the answer being – roads.

The Matrix Road Safety Association provides all the tools necessary to educate and empower drivers through road safety reports that are based on real life events. It is an unfortunate reality that road accidents occur daily, but rather than hiding these unpleasant truths MRSA uses these realities to educate road users on preventative measures. In actuality, these accidents could happen to anyone. Dangerous situations present themselves to driver’s everyday but how the situation is handled could often mean the difference between life and death. The MRSA deals with both prevention and crisis training to equip road users with the necessary knowledge in a crisis situation.

MRSA reported on around 80 incidents over the past nine months. Where possible, MRSA actively attended accident scenes, vehicle collisions and/or pedestrian accidents, with life-saving equipment and paramedics to provide emergency assistance. It has been an honour to offer support to those in need and our unwavering service will continue to no end. Matrix would like to thank everyone who contributed their time and effort to this life saving initiative.

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