Today (9 May) at around 08:35 there was a major collision at the off-ramp of the R25 and R21. Fortunately there was no disruption to the traffic flow. Paul Nel of the Matrix Road Safety Association arrived on the scene. “According to witnesses, a white Renault apparently entered the intersection late after the traffic lights had changed to red. A silver Corsa was already in the middle of the intersection waiting to turn,” he reports. “As the silver Corsa began to take the turn onto the on-ramp, the white Renault entered the intersection late and swerved to avoid the silver Corsa, colliding with a taxi that was stopped at the traffic light on the off-ramp. The driver of the Corsa and the driver and two passengers, one of which was pregnant, in the white Renault were injured. A pregnant passenger in the taxi was also injured.”

Patients were treated on the scene by Emer-G-Med paramedics who then transported two of them to hospital.

White Renault collides with taxi