At around 16:00 yesterday, Wednesday 16 May, a pedestrian was knocked down on Brickfield Road, Meadowdale.

According to an eye witness a drunk pedestrian allegedly stumbled too far over into the road and was clipped by a Tata Indigo which then fled the scene.

A driver who witnessed the whole incident pursued the Tata. Fortunately the driver of the Tata Indigo returned to the scene after having been stopped by the witness who photographed the number plate of the Tata.

The Matrix Road Safety Association vehicle arrived first on scene and the on-board Emer-G-Med medic assessed and stabilized the patient who was then transported to a nearby hospital.

“We commend the witness on his quick actions which resulted in the hit and run vehicle returning to the scene, “says Terence Teixeira from Matrix Road Safety Foundation.

“With winter approaching visibility is starting to be impaired early mornings and late afternoons and motorists are reminded to keep their lights on to improve visibility,” he adds.

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Paramedics try save the life of a hit-and-run victim