For many, April is one of the favourite months of the year, with long weekends and public holidays galore, why wouldn’t it be?

It’s also the perfect time to grab your friends and family, and head on that roadtrip that you have been talking about. However, driving with passengers can be challenging – the music is too loud or the aircon is too cold – complaints we have all heard before.

But Matrix understands that the journey is just as important as the destination, so below are a few tips that passengers should always keep in mind when travelling ‘shotgun’ or back-seat.

The Aux Cable

The auxiliary cable connects your media device to the vehicle’s sound system. Those who hold it are responsible for the auditory enjoyment of everyone in the car.

TIP: Keep a driving playlist of the best driving songs on standby so if your passenger is not performing as ‘car DJ’ you can take action. The same applies for Bluetooth connection.

Car Doors
Some passengers just don’t understand how irritating it is when someone gets in (or out) of your vehicle and slams the door. Unless the car door cannot close properly, there’s no need to close the door with huge force.

Air Conditioning
During the summer this simple feature can make or break friendships if not used correctly and fairly. Agree on a temperature and stick to it. If there is ever an argument, the driver’s wishes take priority.

Radio Tuning
Like the aux cable, music playing in the car can be the difference between an enjoyable journey and a nightmare commute. Use the presets set by the owner of the car as these are more likely to be decent radio stations with good signal strength within the area. Never reprogram the presets the owner has set.

TIP: Use the scan function to find nearby stations.

Eating and drinking

Each driver is different so always ask first before eating and drinking in the car. Regarding the driver performing other activities like eating, drinking, changing the radio or applying make-up; there’s no specific indication in the National Road Traffic Act that expressly prohibits a driver from performing these actions. However, according to Regulation 308, a driver may not occupy a position in a vehicle where he or she doesn’t have complete control of the vehicle.

So, before you open your meal in the car, suggest stopping in a safe area where you, the other passengers and the driver, can stretch your legs and enjoy your meal.

TIP: Buy the driver’s meal as a thank you instead of offering petrol money.