The death toll on South African roads continues to escalate this festive season, as another road user has lost their life as a result of a fatal accident – this time on the N3 at the Linksfield bridge.

Ashley Treurnich of the Matrix Road Safety Association reported that the person died after a small pick-up truck collided with a stationary cement truck, leading to the tragic death. A second occupant of the pick-up was seriously injured after being ejected from the vehicle and was flung about thirty meters from the scene.

Emer-g-med paramedics rushed to the accident scene and assisted by other emergency services, managed to stabilise the seriously injured patient, who suffered massive head and spinal injuries. The patient was subsequently airlifted by helicopter to the Joburg Gen.

‘Drivers should heed road safety warnings and drive with caution, especially now during the festive season holiday rush’, said Treurnich. Treurnich urges motorists to visit the Matrix website at for free road safety information.

Fatal accident on N3 at Linksfield