Today (3 September) at approximately 8:15 a cargo truck rear ended a borehole-digging truck at the Geldenhuis interchange on the M2 east off-ramp. The driver of the cargo truck was killed on impact by the drill unit which came through the front windscreen.

“The driver of the drilling truck is alleged to have slowed down to change lanes to take the Germiston exit when he was rear ended by the cargo truck,” says Terence Teixeira from the Matrix Road Safety Association.

“Fortunately no other vehicles were involved and no one else was injured in the incident. The Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department investigators arrived on scene and the accident is under police investigation. We send our condolences to the family,” he says.

“Drivers need to keep a safe following distance at all times and be observant of what the vehicles around them are doing,” advises Teixeira. “Perhaps if the driver of the cargo truck been more alert he may have been able to avoid the entire incident. Always keep a safe follow distance, especially on the highways.”

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Driver killed as drill smashes through windscreen on M2