Today (28 June) just before 13:00 a company panel van travelling on the M2 east near the Geldenhuis interchange collided with the rear end of a flat-bed delivery truck.

Terence Teixeira from the Matrix Road Safety Association, reporting from the scene, says that the collision sent both vehicles up an embankment. “The panel van then overturned onto its side and the driver was trapped inside the vehicle. Fortunately the driver of the flat-bed truck maintained control of the vehicle and stopped a short distance away,” he says.

Tragically the driver of the panel van was declared dead on the scene by the Emer-G-Med medics when they arrived shortly after the accident took place. “The driver of the flat-bed truck sustained light injuries and was transported to hospital by the Emer-G-Med ambulance. The Metro Police investigators were on scene and have opened an investigation,” says Teixeira.

The Matrix Road Safety Association urges drivers to adhere to speed limits and following distances. “We need to work together to reduce the amount of fatalities on our roads. By being more aware of fellow drivers, keeping a safe following distance and anticipating potential hazardous situations on the road, you can make a difference,” concludes Teixeira.

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Death after collision on M2 East