The cyclist was flung from his bicycle and sustained a serious head and spinal injury. Emer-G-Med paramedics arrived on the scene and started treating the cyclist.

The Matrix Road Safety Association vehicle also arrived and assisted with managing scene safety and securing a landing zone for the helicopter. “Due to the severity of his head injury and possible spinal damage the patient was transported to hospital via helicopter,” explains Terence Teixeira of the Matrix Road Safety Association. Fortunately the pedestrian sustained only mild injuries.

“The cyclist was not wearing a helmet. Had he been wearing a helmet the severity of his injuries could possible have been reduced,” says Teixeira.

“Cyclists need to wear helmets at all times when heading onto the streets. Cyclists and pedestrians alike need to be observant of activity around them and take caution when approaching potentially hazardous scenarios,” he concludes.

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Cyclist airlifted from accident scene in Paulshof