Today, technology is evolving at an exponential rate and is changing from what we know it to be – filtering through new innovations in various industries, but specifically, within the automotive industry.

When technology such as Park Assist and sensors were introduced, consumers were elated by the advanced technology that improved their driving experience. And they demanded more. In fact, expectations around innovation and what the next-gen car would be able to do, were at an all-time high. Time and time again, the motor industry has continued to outshine its latest technological advancement with something even more innovative than before.

Cyber Threats Surrounding Smart Cars

Cars today can do almost anything and requires very little, to no assistance, from the driver. Just look at the Chrysler Pacifica. We are living in an age where autonomous vehicles are a reality, various applications are used to move cars from point A to B, and you can talk to your car to give it instructions. At this point, consumers are waiting to see if we are likely to witness flying cars in our lifetime and if history is anything to go by, anything is possible.

Driver beware

While this is certainly an exciting time for consumers to experience new automotive technology that allows cars to be fitted with all types of gadgets, and for vendors to push those innovative boundaries, in the same breath, this technology can make consumers vulnerable to threats. Just think about vehicle technology hacking.

Imagine what the consequences would be if a hacker were to take control of a vehicle – having full access to the steering wheel or being able to shut down the brakes and cause the engine to overheat.

This is not even science fiction. In 2015, hackers remotely shut down a vehicle travelling on a highway in the United States as part of a demonstration of what could happen. Yes, it might have been a stunt at the time (which resulted in the manufacturer having to recall 1.4 million vehicles), but the ramifications for our technologically advanced cars are significant.

Watchful eye

Using the likes of Bluetooth, software upgrades, and various other technology platforms, malicious users can certainly gain a degree of access to connected cars. Fortunately, manufacturers and security specialists are continuously working together to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cyber protection.

This threat places even more importance on ensuring that a vehicle can be tracked and recovered when stolen, or compromised, from a technological perspective. An engine failure due to ‘natural’ causes or a hacking attack, can leave a person stranded in a remote location. If the appropriate tracking and recovery solution is not installed, there could be significant consequences for those stranded.

Embracing technology

Despite the risks, drivers should still be excited by the new motoring technology that is introduced because, like it or not, it is here to stay. And just like many technological improvements, there is always room for risk which one needs to be prepared for.

The important aspect when it comes to this impending technology, is making sure that your vehicle is protected! By having a Beame installed in your vehicle, you can rest assured that you already have hassle free stolen vehicle recovery, 24/7/365.

As thieves become more sophisticated, you also need to be one step ahead of them. Technology is here to stay so it’s important that we figure out a way of safely adopting it into our lives and being prepared.