The number of accidents on South African roads is alarmingly becoming a national crisis, especially as the number continues to grow each year. This is despite government, NGO and private sector-led road safety initiatives and campaigns, which are run throughout the year, aimed at promoting safety.

SA’s road safety record still poor

According to calculations undertaken by the Justice Project South Africa, there were 1,612 road-related fatalities across the country between 1 December 2018 and 8 January 2019. This is a fatality rate of 42 people per day over the festive season. This number is not only startling but tragic! Especially as many of the incidents or accidents that lead to these fatalities could have been avoided.

Statistics show that there are three major causes of accidents on South African roads, namely distracted drivers, speed, and driving under the influence of alcohol – all driver behaviour related causes. And while it may seem cliché, speed does kill – it is the leading cause of accidents on the roads.

But it’s not just speed we need to worry about, a recent report found that 25% of road accidents are now caused by using a mobile phone while driving – anything from talking to texting or checking social media.

Unfortunately, the reality is that even if you are a cautious, conscientious and law-abiding driver, you are also at the mercy of other road users and sometimes an accident just can’t be avoided – all of which can result in injuries or even loss.

However, in such incidents, if you have Matrix Protect you will have access to Accident Assist. This offers assistance with the Road Accident Fund’s (RAF) claim relating to the accident – with access to full medical, legal and administrative support, but without the hassle of dealing with paperwork, standing in queues and no hidden costs.

With so many potential challenges and dangers on the country’s roads, don’t you think this kind of peace of mind is worth investing in?