You may not be able to avoid potholes, but you can claim for the damage with Matrix Pothole Assist

It has been reported that in Johannesburg alone, authorities receive an average of 1 000 potholes complaints each week, with the City claiming to fix around 4 500 potholes per month. In fact, the City of Cape Town has reported spending more than R110 million per year to repair 250 potholes per week. However, despite these efforts, potholes remain an issue we simply can’t avoid on our roads.

As a regular driver, you face the risk of tyre and rim damage caused by potholes and damaged roads – an expense that usually doesn’t come cheap! With most motorists already feeling the pinch, this is one additional expense you don’t want to have to deal with. So, if you find yourself in a pothole predicament, don’t forget that Matrix Protect is there to assist you.

Have the rains made you feel nervous about driving on our roads?

This service gives you access to Pothole Assist which takes the hassle out of claiming for the repair or replacement cost caused by potholes and damaged roads from the relevant road authorities, nation-wide. In addition to this, you will receive preferential discounts of between 5% – 25% for tyres and alignment/balancing services at all Tiger Wheel and Tyre outlets, nation-wide.

The Matrix Assist legal and administration team offers complete management of the claims process so that you don’t have to deal with the paperwork and long queues, at no additional cost. And there is no claim limit, we attempt to get a 100% refund for your car’s damage. You can rest assured that we’ll be proactive in making sure the potholes are repaired to prevent future incidents.

Matrix Protect has been designed to make your life a little easier, by providing you with the help you need, when you need it. It is easy to subscribe to the service especially if you already are a Matrix customer by simply completing the online form. Let Matrix be right by your side when it matters most.