South Africa’s ageing road infrastructure is full of dangers and as motorists, we need to be aware of the potential dangers we are faced with on a daily bases, from pedestrians, construction sites and vehicles to the ever-increasing number of potholes, we constantly need to be aware of what’s going on around us.

Pothole damage to your car can be extremely expensive to repair. According to an article released by KHPlant, in Johannesburg, an average of 1,000 potholes are being reported to the authorities on a weekly basis. The city claims that it fixes up to 4,500 potholes each month, while the City of Cape Town reportedly spends more that R110 million per year repairing 250 potholes per week. Despite these efforts, potholes are prevalent on South Africa’s roads.

othole Assist by Matrix Protect allows motorists to overcome pothole pitfalls


As one of our most valued customers, we would like to tell you about our additional driver assistance benefits from Matrix Protect. Matrix Protect’s Pothole Assist is a value added service that will try to recover 100% of the repair or replacement cost from the relevant road authority. With this service, you will also receive preferential discounts between 5%-25% for tyres and alignment/balancing services at Tiger Wheel & Tyre, nationwide.

Pothole Assist takes the hassle out of having to deal with paperwork and long queues – it will take care of everything to get a quick and full settlement.

Convenience – Complete management of the claims process including claim settlement facilitation with the relevant roads management authorities including guaranteed exclusive discounts on tyre related products from Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

Recoveries – 100% of all payouts from the Road Authorities with no additional costs to you.

Representation – The full support of our legal and administration team.

We understand that every journey should be enjoyed, which is why Matrix Protect offers driver assistance benefits and services that will make your next journey an even better one. To find out more, visit or call our Customer Care team on 011 654 8090. You can also purchase Matrix Protect from our safe and secure online platform by visiting