Matrix is proud to announce the launch of the updated GeoLoc Advanced Alert feature through the Matrix Smartphone App.

Matrix’s GeoLoc Advanced Alert feature was developed to allow our response teams to react to vehicle theft and tampering in the shortest time possible. The updated GeoLoc Advanced Alert feature will notify you if your vehicle is moved while GeoLoc Advanced Alert is activated, by sending an interactive notification that allows you to ‘Report’ or ‘Disable’ the prompt. By selecting ‘Report’, a call will be made directly to our control room to alert our response team and by selecting ‘Disable’, the alarm will be cancelled and GeoLoc Advanced Alert deactivated if your vehicle was moved with your consent. Should you not respond to the notification at all, a default alarm will be generated in our control room and our response team will contact you. This ensures that you are in the driver’s seat when managing your vehicles security.

This GeoLoc Advanced Alert feature is available through the Matrix Smartphone App. Simply log into the app and select GeoLoc Advanced Alert on the interactive menu to activate and deactivate this service.

Car Key - Matrix’s GeoLoc Advanced Alert

Important Notice

To obtain the latest GeoLoc Advanced Alert feature, all MX2 and MX3 customers are required to download the latest version of the Matrix Smartphone App before Wednesday, 28th June 2017.

Android users can download version 3.2.4 by visiting the Google Play Store.

Apple users can download Version 3.2.5 by visiting the Apple iStore. Please be advised that all iOS users will have a third button on the notification to cancel the alert. This option simply clears the notification from the screen.

For more information about GeoLoc Advanced Alert, please contact our Customer Care department at or call us on (011) 654-8090.