Being involved in an accident is a traumatic experience that turns your life upside down. From the initial shock of what happened, dealing with injuries, damaged vehicles and the third parties involved – the admin can be overwhelming.

What if we told you that, should you find yourself in the unfortunate event of a car accident, the admin involved with your accident claim can be taken care of on your behalf?

Often, the events that follow an accident can be quite messy and time consuming so having experts ready and willing to assist with administrative matters, can be a lifesaver. This allows you to put the pieces back together, one-step at a time – whether it consists of physiotherapy, counselling or just taking time away from your everyday responsibilities to simply regroup and spend time with family and loved ones.

Matrix Protect takes the hassle out of your accident claim

Matrix Protect will give you peace of mind by taking care of everything, from immediate access to the Road accident Fund (RAF) claims system, to ensuring a 100% recovery payback, as well as alleviating the hassle of administrative nightmares – saving you time, effort and the dreaded paperwork.

By signing up to Matrix Protect’s Accident Assist, you will have access to the following services:

  • Legal representation: Often things can get quite messy with claims from third parties and by having legal representation, you can have the peace of mind knowing that there is one less thing to worry about.
  • Administration and claims management: This eliminates the enormous amount of paper work involved, giving you the ability to use that time in a much more fulfilling manner.
  • Accident reconstruction: Working with a reconstructionist can resolve issues such as speeds, collision severity, visibility, driver behaviour and other causal factors. An accident reconstruction is the culmination of the scientific analysis of the data gathering process formulated into a concise and coherent report that is supported by expert testimony – this goes a long way to facilitating the claim process.
  • Required medico-legal reports: A medico-legal report may be seen by a diverse, non-medical audience. Once prepared, the report may be used as evidence in court proceedings and subjected to close scrutiny. A structured and comprehensive medico-legal report may minimise the chances of having to give evidence in court should the claim go that route.
  • Required actuarial reports: This outlines the quantification of damages in personal injury and fatal accident litigation.
  • Past and future loss of earnings/support reports: A third party may claim his/her proven past and future loss of income from the RAF if the third party is, as a resulted of the injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident, not able to work.

Despite the difficulties that follow an accident, by choosing Matrix Protect, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of, every step of the way.