We can all agree that South Africa is a wonderful place but driving our roads can, at times, be an unpleasant experience. We have some of the world’s most amazing destinations and, with naturally beautiful scenery along the way, getting there should be a pleasure. However, sometimes we have to deal with unavoidable rush hours, ever-increasing potholes, traffic-light malfunctions, road closures and now, load shedding that periodically puts us square in the dark. These factors can lead to frustration and anger in an instant, but what if we tried a more positive approach to traffic?

A recent article by the AA entitled “Road rage, don’t get drawn in” cites that most cases of road rage are caused by factors far removed from ones experience behind the wheel. Factors such as stress, tiredness, and unresolved personal issues can play a big role in how we deal with situations in the traffic. So often we drive to or from work, or a range of other activities, with our minds filled to the brim with thoughts and plans for the day; this is completely natural. The beauty of this knowledge is that it gives us insight into other drivers on the road around us because we’re all in the same boat. Curbing road rage starts with understanding our fellow drivers and working to not let our daily stresses influence the way we drive, or the way in which we react to one another.

In light of these points, it is easy to see that being behind the wheel can be an important part of the day. Which is why we should consider time in the car a way to take a moment and reflect, take a breath or even unwind. After all, the journey is what we make it. The best solution to the issue of aggression on the road is for us to find a way to smile through it or at least to find contentment as we drive. Being able to avoid a moment of anger will help us avoid the greater stress and frustration that comes with road rage related incidents and damages.

This November, while Matrix ensures that your car is always there when you need it, let’s practice safe and responsible driving. The great thing about being South African is that we are known to be some of the friendliest people in the world, let’s live up to that even from the driver’s seat.

The Matrix Team