Car Tech Trends 2015

For Matrix, technology plays a huge role in making the Matrix service offering as easy and powerful as it is. And with every passing year technology becomes more and more a part of our daily lives. 2015 is going to be an exciting year as we see some interesting innovations in the tech world that will help make driving an even safer, more efficient, and entertaining experience.

As we look forward to new tech, we will also see a bigger focus on the accessibility of such technology. This trend has been a big focus in the creation of Matrix offerings that allows users to quickly and easily manage one or many vehicles at any time of day. Much like the accessibility and convenience of the Matrix phone app enabling users to easily manage their vehicle from their smartphone; new technology has been developed allowing drivers to connect their smartphones to their cars. Enabling mobile operating systems to be integrated into the vehicle’s display is another great example of understanding the needs of drivers and making navigating technology within your car easier and safer.

Here are a few highlights you can expect from the tech trends of 2015:

Lane Change Assist

This is a great safety innovation that serves as an early warning system when changing lanes in traffic. When an indicator is on, the car automatically senses if there is any fast moving traffic in the desired lane and warns the driver when it is not safe. This allows your car to actually assist you when driving, becoming a helpful tool rather than just a transportation device.

Autonomous Parking

Parking can be tricky and the potential costs that come with bumps and scrapes are scary. Autonomous parking uses sensors and cameras to steer your car into parking spaces, and all you have to do is operate the transmission and foot pedals. This means that drivers will get into tight spots on the first attempt every time causing less frustration and less congestion in busy parking lots.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

This year, selected cars will not simply offer Internet access but in fact become Internet hotspots, which will be able to host a number of devices at the same time. This simple addition has the power to completely change the driving experience, from navigation to access to online social media and entertainment.

Perfume Automizer

It is often said that there is nothing quite like the smell of a new car. Now, with what’s called “The Perfume Automizer”, you can choose from a range of fragrances that will ensure your car always smells fresh.

Active Assist

This has to be the future for car safety technology. This feature uses numerous lasers and sensors to detect the likelihood of an accident at any given moment. If a dangerous situation presents itself the car will override the accelerator and apply the brakes automatically. It may make the millisecond difference between a crash and a simple close call.

With these and other amazing technological leaps, the question is – what next? Buying a car is no longer simply about brand name or fuel economy; it has become about how a vehicle can shape the way you drive. Here’s to a great year that promises new technology and a more enjoyable driving experience.

The Matrix Team

“  What good is
an idea if it
remains an idea?
Iterate. Fail.
Try again.
Change the world. ”

– Simon Sinek

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