Whether you’re self-employed, a business owner or a corporate employee, tracking your travel and fuel expenses is crucial for business and tax purposes.  It’s important to keep a record of your trips and start recording your vehicle’s odometer reading for the tax year on 1 March annually, to ensure that you can provide an accurate, detailed and SARS compliant logbook when claiming against a travel allowance for the year of assessment.

A recent statement released by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) indicated that taxpayers may have to wait longer for refunds this tax season due to implemented additional risk processes that ensure both the legitimacy and accuracy of the refunds paid. For the 2016 tax season, SARS reported that it paid out ‘an astounding R15.5 billion in tax refunds” to 1.98 million taxpayers by the end of the tax season. Be sure not to miss out on your SARS refunds.

Matrix Tax Logbook

Live life simply by using the Matrix Tax Logbook* for automated Travel, Fuel and Maintenance reporting

Matrix understands that keeping track of your trips can be tiresome and that is why Matrix offers all MX3 customers access to state-of-the-art automated SARS Tax Logbook. This logbook is web-based so you access your trip data anytime, anywhere, provided you have an Internet connection.

With the Matrix Tax Logbook*, you can enjoy the following features:

  • View all your trips made within a selected timeframe
  • Record and edit your trips as private or business
  • View the total distance travelled for your selected timeframe
  • Export your trip data
  • Record all your fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses electronically

No more pencils, papers and stress about long-forgotten trips. Keep your eyes on the road while our electronic Matrix Tax Logbook* is safely and automatically produced.

To upgrade your package to an MX3, please contact us on 0800 33 99 88 or email us at retentions@mixtelematics.com

*For MX3 customers only