Roadblocks are a reality, especially during the peak holiday periods. The last thing you want is to be caught by surprise and presented with unpaid traffic fines. You might then be demanded to pay on the spot by traffic officials – and this could really put a damper on your holiday plans.

But there must be a better option than a trip to the Traffic Department and having to stand in long queues in order to pay your traffic fines, right? Fortunately, we are living in a technological world, where almost anything can be sourced and paid for online, telephonically and through apps – including your traffic fine. It’s about finding the right solution that offers you value-added extras!

How Fines Assist can give you peace of mind

Fines Assist, which is part of the Matrix Protect service offering, for instance, will not only alert you to any new traffic fines you have been issued with but also provides an easy way to settle these. Plus, by using this service you can gain a 50% reduction if you pay the fine within 32 days of it being issued! The payment facility is secure, and it provides you with proof of your payment, which you can present to any traffic officer if necessary when stopped during a roadblock.

You may not be aware that you have been issued with a fine as the paperwork may still be stuck in the postal system. However, having a solution like Fines Assist can negate this by keeping you updated on any fines issued against your car and/or licence in real-time and prompt you to make early payments – which can save you money, time and effort. Now that’s valuable assistance, don’t you think?