South Africans spend a lot of time in their cars – whether it’s spending hours in traffic on the way to or from work, rushing the kids from one playdate to the next, or even using it as a mobile office – a clean smelling car can make the world of difference.

Since most consumers have had to tighten their belts since the last fuel price hike, there are ways to make your car smell clean and fresh without having to spend a cent.

DIY Car Hacks: Cut costs by making your own homemade car air freshener

First things first

Get rid of all the trash and other random items that have accumulated in your car – tissues, sweet wrappers, that old sock – throw it all out.

Then you will need the following items:

Large paperclip

Cotton ball or arts and craft fuzzy ball

Non-toxic glue

Your favourite essential oil


  • Take the cotton ball/arts and craft fuzzy ball and spread a small amount of glue on one side
  • Slip the paperclip in onto the cotton ball
  • Hold for one minute
  • Place a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto the cotton ball/arts and crafts fuzzy ball
  • Clip the paperclip onto the air vent

That’s it!