Roots of technological advancements continue to grow into consumer solutions that meet market needs and branch off into trends seen throughout the globe. Solutions vary greatly to ensure personal requirements can be sect across a broad spectrum of expectations but one prominent trend in this evolving landscape is that towards smart-phone technology.

Even in the most remote areas smartphones are being used to connect individuals to the Internet and to each other worldwide. Functional necessity differs for each consumer and individual requirements create, as well as, increase demand. The needs of consumers vary just as vastly as their geographic locations, income, Internet access and technological know-how does. This drives the most basic function of texting, through to the most advanced offering of artificial intelligence – all at once.

While offers must remain compelling to consumers – this is not limited to the telecommunications industry. Markets and organisations everywhere have developed Smartapps to connect consumers to their products; as of July 2014, 1 140 175 Apps were available for download on the iStore alone. Products have moved from in-demand to on-demand and accessibility and personalisation are key elements in today’s virtual shopping mall.

The evolution of the motoring industry is a good demonstration of developments in this arena. The connected car offers music/audio playing, smartphone apps, navigation, roadside assistance, voice commands, contextual help/offers and parking apps among a host of others. “What the connected lifestyle and the Connected Car bring to the industry is new and exciting forms of mobility and car ownership models. One great example is car sharing, best illustrated with the likes of Zipcar. This emerging mobility model is largely enabled through connectivity to both the vehicle and potential customers”, says Grant Fraser of MiX Telematics (Consumer).

As the ripple effect continues – organisations continue to step up to the plate and accept the challenge. has an on-demand offering that checks all the boxes and the brand has once more evolved its offering into a fit just right for the consumer. Following the release of the new Smartphone App, Matrix makes safety personal and provides consumers with the tools to once again become an individual and not just a number on the list.

Fraser advises that, “Through understanding the shifting landscape and the need for personalisation, the brand has introduced individual GeoLoc Advanced Alerts to the market”. With the enhancements of the GeoLoc Advanced Alert feature, a customer can secure a vehicle’s location at anytime and anywhere in South Africa. A simple text to a customised number arms the Matrix unit and places the vehicle on alert; any unauthorised movement or tampering will trigger a GeoLoc Advanced Alert violation and be received by the 24/7 National Operations Centre. The customer is alerted to the situation and if necessary a recovery will be initiated.

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