Due to the powers that be and influences beyond our control, the petrol price, yesterday, increased by 84c. Media channels have been flooded with a unanimous ‘Ohh eh eh’ from South African motorists, as petrol prices hit record highs; Gauteng motorists are now paying R13.23 per litre, for 95 unleaded, while coastal users are charged R12.86. “This is certainly one of the biggest increases we have ever had,” commented MC Lamprecht, the chairman of the South African Petroleum Retailers’ Association.

The contempt of road users across the nation is no great secret and neither is the upcoming impact this escalation will have on food prices, “But no increase in salaries” said one motorist. It is a reality we will begrudgingly accept. If you were lucky enough to fill your tank ahead of the hike, you will enjoy each kilometre on last month’s petrol price, but as with all things – this too will come to an end.

But not all is lost, and never fear, because even in these trying times… Matrix remains right by your side. Here are some tips to help you stretch your Rand a little further:

Avoid filling your tank when petrol prices have soared; it’s the same concept as buying a loaf of bread only to find a buy one get one free special at your local store the next morning. Don’t get stuck with a full tank of petrol and if you get stuck without any petrol Matrix Roadside Assist is just a phone call away.

Chat to colleagues at work and parents at your child’s school, we’re all in the same boat and carpooling is a time, petrol and money saver. Use the Gautrain for those long journeys and technology such as Skype can eliminate the need for business travel.

Avoid aggressive driving; speeding and harsh acceleration can increase fuel consumption by up to 25%. Monitor all your driving behaviour if you’re unsure whether you’re a Schumi or a Thrifty. Try not to use your aircon and drive with your windows closed, for both safety and for economic purposes. Lastly, minimize vehicle idling.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle will achieve its best fuel economy. It’s only a few extra minutes at the petrol station, pump your tyres, check water and oil and continue your journey with added assurance. With temperatures dropping it’s important that your vehicle is well maintained, winter upkeep is slightly different to summer care, so be sure to give your vehicle a health check.

Although the fancy cars, with the top down and the leather seats are a desire for most, these vehicles are not so pleasing on the pocket. Consider fuel efficiency when purchasing a vehicle because, as we’ve seen, nasty surprises can be sneaky. Whatever you vehicle choice, with our Tax Logbook facilities you can manage your fuel expenses quickly and effectively.


Matrix wishes you persistence, patience and perseverance and reassures you that we remain on this journey, together. 


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