Over the years, vehicle tracking has often been perceived as a solution that has one main focus and functionality – to recover your vehicle if it is stolen in the shortest possible time. While still a core function, it’s important to remember that a tracking device is no longer just a little black box – the benefits extend far beyond this. You are now able to look beyond mere vehicle recovery and rather, take full advantage of the multitude of benefits that a tracking device can offer to enhance their personal safety.

Today, in a consumer driven world lead by the demand for convenience, there is an increasing need for consumers to manage safety in an innovative way – with the most superior technology, at the touch of a button! Matrix provides just this and through our advanced and highly innovative Matrix Internet Tracking platform, underpinned by leading market technology, taking care of you and your family’s personal safety has never been easier or more convenient!

Matrix Internet Tracking

The platform boasts innovative features and through its simplicity, allows you to modify several elements based on individual preferences. You can track and manage multiple vehicles in real-time on an interactive online map, no matter where in the world you are. This can be accessed via any device, browser and mobile phone. The service provides your own personal vehicle management dashboard enabling you to create users, passwords and manage user profiles for multiple vehicles. Through this, you are empowered to take full control of your vehicle/s at any given time.

You can also set up customised alerts by selecting which events you would like to be notified about, allowing you to be proactive with your vehicle’s security as well as ensure that you have a view of your family’s safety through internet enabled functionality. Alerts include crash alert, geo-fencing, creating zones around areas of importance and being notified when your vehicle enters or exits those areas, GeoLoc Advanced Alert, as well as harsh driving events such as harsh braking, cornering, acceleration and speeding. These alerts are all fully customisable – empowering you to control what you would like to know about your vehicle’s use and location whenever you prefer.

The Matrix Internet Tracking platform allows you to view where your vehicle/s are on an interactive map and even pinpoint the vehicle to an exact location. Similarly, the platform allows you to pull extensive reports on past trips for driving behaviour, distance travelled, vehicle location over a period of time, etc.

Additionally, for those that need to keep a tax logbook for all work-related trips, the Matrix Internet Tracking platform allows you to generate tax logbooks, update personal and private trips, record fuel and maintenance costs and request various supporting documents – for stress-free tax returns.

Unfortunately, in the high crime society we live in today, it’s extremely important for motorists to understand the benefits of value added safety features that you are able to access from vehicle tracking solutions, in order to improve their personal safety. Therefore, Matrix Internet Tracking promises not only to be right by your side at all times, but places the power in their hands, to protect your vehicle and families through consistent innovation.

Matrix has also recently updated our Internet Tracking platform to offer a fresh look and feel with easy to use functionalities.

For Matrix customers, visit www.matrix.co.za and click on customer log in to explore the new and improved Matrix Internet Tracking, packed with all the essential vehicle tracking features that place you in the driver’s seat of your vehicle’s security.

Through the consistent innovation in vehicle tracking and our unwavering focus on people and personal safety, Matrix is right by your side every step of the journey.