Consumer behaviour has certainly shifted, ever increasing is the demand for innovation; what has changed is the speed and personalisation that has come to be expected from today’s market. Research shows that consumers not only want the latest in technology and services but that all product offerings should be customizable for the perfect fit, in a world full of all shapes and sizes. A one-size-fits-all approach finds its way to the trash as the market embraces the less than perfect because perfection is simply no longer on trend, mixing it up into something that works for ‘me’ is what must be delivered.

The landscape has shifted, on-demand has increased demand, delivery times have shortened and time for one-on-one engagement is very limited. Research into products is done online via social networks and peer reviews and the purchasing decision is made long before the product or brand has managed to get a word in; what’s more is that customers require personal attention but prefer to remain anonymous.

It’s a tall order at the least but with innovation and expertise each of these needs can be met. Matrix, a leader in vehicle tracking and personal safety launches a new online platform that will have consumers feeling it was made ‘just for me’.

The new Matrix Internet Tracking (MIT) platform offers users excellent functionality; the platform enables users to generate tax logbooks, update personal and private trips, record fuel and maintenance costs and request various supporting documents, to name only a few. The site also allows for that personal touch such as renaming your vehicle; this is incredibly beneficial to light fleet owners who can now differentiate between vehicles, at just a glance.

Matrix ‘MX2’ and ‘MX3’ customers enjoy all the above functionality and the fluidity, convenience and innovation of the experience, a journey into unchartered territory with each customer at the helm.    Grant Fraser, Divisional Director: Product and Marketing MiX Telematics (Consumers) comments on the functionality of the site; “The new MIT platform is packed with innovative features and through its simplicity, allows users to modify a number of elements based on individual preferences”. An excellent example of the enhanced functionality is the customizable view, meeting the requirements of both light fleet managers and consumers alike.

Innovative features include the Geofencing capabilities. A Geofence is a predefined geographical area that is created on a map; the functionality of MIT now enables users to record the movement of vehicles entering and exiting these locations. This is particularly helpful to managers of vehicles, in respect of time and delivery management, as well as parents of young drivers, offering peace of mind that your loved one has arrived safely.

Further to this, consumers are also able to create multiple users and passwords ensuring improved movement control and vehicle management or alternatively all vehicles within a household.

This superior customer experience is ‘what’s right for me’; across a vast spectrum of users, among a variety of requests it’s one size fits all but it fits me best. It’s the personal touch that assures customers of the promise that Matrix is right by your side.