The statement, prevention is better than cure has enormous weight where road safety is concerned. Motorists have made numerous efforts to improve their safety precautions when on the road, from seatbelts to airbags and ABS to rear park assist. Equally important is a motorist’s defence against vehicle crime, giving rise to panic buttons and safety films on windows providing anti-smash and grab tinting. While all these precautionary measures have their place and use in driver safety, it is important to remain up to date with criminal activity in your area; just as technology improves, so too do criminal MO’s.

MATRIX places exceptional value in personal safety and would like to highlight a new scheme currently being used by criminals on Gauteng roads.

It is not uncommon for motorists to drive with the vehicle windows rolled down, the warm South African sun often necessitates this; but with new criminal reports, this is now proving to be a potentially dangerous activity. Incidents of theft and even harassment are emerging from motorists in the Northern Suburbs of Gauteng – all due to open windows. Individuals approach the open window of a vehicle, lean inside and remove the car keys from the ignition; if the window is partly open, the criminals demand to be given the vehicle keys – motorists panic and duly hand the keys over.  In some instances, the assailants have become violent and although a weapon has not been present, physical action has been reported.

Motorists are then told to exit the vehicle and a bartering process begins; mobile phones, i-Pads, wallets and the like becomes a bartering tool in an attempt to regain possession of your keys. One of the most concerning factors is that reported instances take place in peak hour traffic. Motorists remain stationary due to grid locked roads or slow moving traffic, in peak travelling times, and a hasty exit is not an option. 

Tips from MATRIX to ensure your safety at all times:

–        Make use of the vehicle fan or air conditioner in slow moving traffic

–        Be vigilant to activity around your vehicle

–        Unless the situation puts you in immediate danger, do not relinquish your car keys or any other items to the criminals

–        Make a noise; use your hooter and lights to attract as much attention to your vehicle as possible

–        Should you witness this situation unfolding, do not exit your vehicle but rather make use of the hooter and lights to attract attention to the scene

Also see tips on what to do in a hijack situation.

MATRIX remains right by your side and will continue to provide you with tools to empower yourself in various dangerous situations. Together we can make a difference, if there is a potential danger you would like to highlight, please contact us on