It’s that time of year when all of South Africa waits patiently for the flowers to bloom and for the grass the turn from grey to green, the winter always seems longer than the one before and Jack Frost has taken his toll on both emotional and physical health. The lack of summer sunrays have been proven to make people SAD; Seasonal Affective Disorder is the clinical name for winter depression, mainly affecting the northern hemisphere but one must wonder if these blues have far reaching fingers, stretching across the ocean and quite possibly to Johannesburg’s East Rand.

Last week frosty reports of a hit and run in Benoni, following an unsuccessful smash and grab, flooded the airwaves. This not only highlights the decrease in the public’s tolerance levels, in general, but also the growing intolerance towards crime on our roads. One such criminal activity, new to our roads, but becoming a growing concern, is the target of motorists driving with their windows down in peak hour traffic. With increased temperatures swiftly approaching and the summer breeze becoming ever more tempting in the afternoon traffic, Matrix urges motorists to be vigilant of surroundings at all times.

Temperatures rapidly on the increase but petrol prices on the decrease – what a great start to spring. The very welcome relief in petrol prices will come into effect as of Wednesday 4 September, make sure you stretch your fuel until the mid-week hump and roll on into that summer feeling that’s a little lighter on the pocket.

Speaking of lighter – with a spring in your step it’s time to spring into cleaning. This term usually refers to dusting the blinds, clearing out that wardrobe to remove that 80’s attire and of course finding and sorting all the hidden treasures under the couch cushion. This job extends outside to the garage too – it’s important to keep your vehicle in check to aid with performance and economy.

Here is a small checklist to dust off that dashboard…

  • Remove everything from the interior of the vehicle that just doesn’t belong. This could include rubbish, clothing, paperwork and possibly some food items growing a personality – pack away or throw away. Unnecessary clutter inside your vehicle lowers efficiency due to the extra weight and increases emissions.
  • Deep clean the interior to eradicate those harmful toxins in the vehicle. These are emitted from the upholstery and plastics found on the inside of the car, apply some elbow grease and get stuck in.
  • Spring brings the early sun rise, so make sure all your windows are squeaky clean for the best visibility to protect you and other motorists on the road.
  • Outstanding – the interior of the vehicle is fit for a showroom floor, but the outside could surely use some TLC too. The August winds took care of the dead leaves on the trees, but also sandblasted most of our vehicles. Mainly for appearances, also for the protection of your vehicle’s paint, a thorough and soapy wash is the order of the day
  • Health check – spark plugs, oil, water and air filter – ensure your vehicle is ready for the strain the summer sun rays cause for the electrical and cooling system of your vehicle.


Once the five point check list is done, you can roll along with the peace of mind that your vehicle is leaner, meaner and looking good. Keep yourself looking good and remember to keep a bottle of sunscreen in your cubby for those UV rays that may not be planned but certainly will be enjoyed.

Through Spring, summer, autumn and winter – Matrix remains right by your side.