For some time now and surely for the many years to come the trend in consumer behaviour will be dominated by the use of smartphone technology. Increasingly, the ease of use and the imminence of purchasing, enquiring and researching, via mobile phones, is becoming more prevalent in the market place – satisfying customer demands at a time and place dictated by customer convenience.

The re-launch of the Matrix brand early in 2013, positioned the major industry player as not just another tracking product but rather a brand focused on personal safety, convenience and one that is ‘right by your side’. This value emanates the core of all product development and the epicentre of the culture behind the brand. Understanding the needs of the consumer allows the brand to deliver functionality that will add value and the execution to the market was impeccable.

Encompassing both the innovation of product development and the customer-centric culture was the launch of the Matrix iPad solution into over 50 Imperial Dealerships nationwide. The impressive technology combined with the leadership of Matrix gave rise to an unrivalled customer experience at an opportune time and place.

Grant Fraser, Divisional Director: Product and Marketing MiX Telematics (Consumer) advised; “This platform was designed to simplify the comprehensive Matrix range through a customizable solution; aiding customers in selecting the most suitable product according to their needs”, and the success of the project shows the initiative does this and even more.

When comparing the brand offerings of Matrix; MX1, MX2 and MX3 products, all functionality is displayed in drop down information boxes according to user preference. Through the appearance and disappearance of windows, according to user selection, the page is kept looking fresh, organised and visually appealing. If more detail on a specific product is required, a detailed description, including features, is available at the touch of a button. The marketing material is exceptionally interactive and Matrix advertisements are now broadcast in all 50 plus dealerships straight from the iPad platform.

In line with the advanced technology offerings of Matrix, over the air updates have been made available; all iPads can be updated at the same time, from one remote location. This not only ensures the uniformity of all information but also allows for that extra time to focus on the consumer.

The initiative has received exceptional feedback from dealerships, consumers and of course the decision makers within the Imperial Group.  Graeme Wood shared his sentiments “Leading edge technology is always a good association for Imperial, it shows our customers we’re on top of our game”.

With the customer, innovation and convenience at the forefront of all developments, Matrix is set to make history in 2014; the launch of the iPads is only the first of many exciting initiatives yet to come.