Started in 1996, Matrix was among the first of its kind in the South African and global arena. As with any innovation, tracking products in the 90’s were regarded suspiciously, viewed as complex and carried with them many uncertainties. For a few years short of two decades, Matrix has been a major player in the industry and through 17 years of unparalleled customer protection, the brand has become synonymous with innovation, leadership and security, dissolving any doubt in the consumers mind.

Possibly the best known element of the Matrix brand has always been the value it places in its people. In this value lies the core reason for the business’ focus on safety – protecting that which is dear. This message and the austerity of the Matrix promise, is clear in the new tagline – right by your side. 

Actions speak far louder than these words in the unmatched services Matrix offers; from the GeoLoc Advanced Alert offering alerting customers of the prohibited movement of their vehicle, to support shown in roadside assistance regardless of the nature of the road emergency. This is the Matrix promise, right by your side, every step of the way – with the assurance that customer safety remains a fundamental value.
Matrix is confident in its undertaking and assures its customers of a partnership that guarantees confidence, control, empowerment and above all – protection. Hand in hand with this service offering is the unrivalled technological advancements of Matrix, holding steadfast the title of market-leader. Innovations remain customer focused and not only in tune with current needs, but developments that are born from the intuition that rich customer relationships afford. Such advancements include Smartphone Tracking, MatrixIQ with its increased light fleet functionality and value-added service to name only a few. Technological innovation drives service innovation which is proactive and responsive.

The revolutionary products, produced from what can only be a team of thought leaders, centres around personal safety and convenience. Vehicle tracking has moved from the standard ‘track and recover’ that Matrix pioneered and perfected, to value added services that make a difference. The Tax Logbook provides the ease of monitoring all travel, both for business and private, at the touch of a button; while the Service Notification function alerts customers, via e-mail, of the vehicles next service interval. Vehicle administration is now maintained at the touch of a button, simply and effectively.

Service levels exceed expectation through empathy and understanding, from Matrix to its customers and communities, delivering beyond the predictable. Right by your side, every step of the way, Matrix offers customers free trauma counselling in the event of a hijacking; reassurance, compassion and support – a brand to be relied on.

A statement that holds promise, from a brand that has the aptitude to make it happen. The intuition from a market leader, knowing that value lies in people and having the courage of its convictions. Trust in products and services that deliver and the guarantee that it is personal. Technology that is innovative and reliable and a solid history that warrants the confidence in knowing each day adds to a proud and lasting legacy.

The innovation that has been synonymous with Matrix, since 1996, is now also reflected in the rebranding. This fresh look and feel expresses the essence of the brand in the simplest form. While Matrix remains a leader in vehicle tracking and recovery, the evolution of the brand mirrors the evolution of products and culminates in safety you can feel.   

Matrix is undeniably leading the way in business and undoubtedly exceeding expectations in customer service, with certitude to be right by your side through it all.