Matrix, a leader in the vehicle tracking and telematics space, represents the true meaning of innovation following a year of great successes. 2013 has been one for the history books for the brand, a complete refresh took place in April this year and every month since has been met with progress, updates and forward thinking – and the year is not yet over. Matrix has been a major player in the industry for almost two decades but absolutely nothing associated with this brand is outdated, in fact the brand stands for development, creativity, leadership and technological excellence.

In line with all these characteristics, the new Matrix television campaign was launched; animated, sophisticated and truly a benchmark in the industry. The advert positions the brand, along with its products, in a fictional world but as a real solution to the daily hurdles motorists face along their everyday routes. One powerful aspect about the advert is the recognition of the moments taking place while en route to destinations. All too often the focus is on the arrival and not on the journey – Matrix focuses on the entire journey, from start to finish and everything in between.

It goes without saying that at the core of it all is safety, on and off the road; this has been the guiding principle of the brand; since ‘our customers are people, not vehicles’, all the way through to two decades later – ‘right by your side’. The emphasis has always been on people and this remains an unchanged value.

The telematics space is highly innovative and fast paced; data has long since been a beneficial resource but as we move forward, beneficial will swiftly change to imperative. The rapid pace of change and innovation leads one to believe great things are on the horizon with exciting developments being not just a ‘nice to have’ but rather a reality. A reality for Matrix customers is already providing GeoLoc Advanced Alerts, crash alerts and vehicle tracking from the palm of your hand – giving new meaning to right by your side.  

The all-encompassing tag line has a connotation of protection, to ‘protect you and the one’s you love’. Consider a journey where safety is not a concern, it’s a task that has already been marked as complete in the check box and all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy the journey. It has been said that an average person will drive 1 284 256 km in a lifetime and that 9,100 hours will be spent travelling to work alone. The emphasis here is ‘spent’, time is precious, but the journey is inevitable; and the new Matrix ad collectively addresses both the journey and the time by mentioning ‘memories we make along the way’. This undertaking of the brand, to empower a motorist with time is, to say the least, powerful.

Recognizing the magnitude of this new campaign is the launch of the advert on the big screen; in a moment that is shared with popcorn and someone special – Matrix shares the moment in high definition, surround sound and 3-D. The cinematic exposure is set to launch with a premier event and will continue on the silver screen starting at the end of September right through to the end of October, without a doubt culminating in Matrix taking home the gold. This dynamic new world is truly revolutionary and this development and innovation is only the beginning.