Sorting out tax returns is a headache for many South Africans, especially since it became mandatory to track all kilometres travelled and keep an up-to-date logbook. However, having the option to use a fully-automated logbook continues to provide relief for many individual drivers and fleet managers.

Logbooks are no longer just a requirement for employees with travel or car allowances but are also a must for employees using company cars. SARS made it clear in 2010 that a travel allowance should only be granted in circumstances where an employer is certain that an employee will incur business-related expenses. Individuals, who opted for a company car as opposed to a travel allowance, also have to maintain a logbook in order to be able to claim a portion of their tax back. Unfortunately those who choose not to maintain a logbook will have to bear the brunt of the tax legislation,” says Brendan Horan, General Manager Sales and Marketing for MiX Telematics.

MiX Telematics is a leader in automated logbook technology and many drivers using the Matrix MX3 unit literally tossed away their manual logbooks and stepped into the user-friendly, electronic era of the Matrix MX3 tax logbook feature when it was launched two years ago.

The unit has the ability to automatically generate a logbook and once set-up, through the Matrix Internet tracking website, a logbook can be generated that will contain the date, location and distance per trip, which can then automatically be identified as a business or private trip. “Users even have the option of choosing which months they want to claim for from their employer and the receiver of revenue. Setting up your logbook is a simple and painless task that can save drivers hours of paperwork and calculations at the end of the tax year,” comments Horan.

Horan says the logbook feature has been easing the lives of those on the road, especially sales representatives or company employees that travel a lot during work hours, for example. “Drivers have embraced the technology and will benefit from it when the tax year ends and returns have to be submitted,” says Horan.

Not only can the feature help track kilometres but it can also keep the driver up-to-date on servicing their vehicle.

“We are enjoying seeing our customers appreciate the simple and effective way in which the automated logbook works and expect more customers to step up to give it a try this year,” he concludes. 


Looking for a simpler, paperless and automated way of keeping vehicle trip records? Then switch to the Matrix MX3 automated Logbook today!

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