The greatest asset we have is you- our customer. Our undertaking is to ensure that our service and product offerings provide you with safety that you can actually feel. This way, no matter where your journey may take you, you can remain assured and confident that Matrix is truly always right by your side.

This month we celebrate women, their achievements, beauty and love they share with us all. Enjoy this 9th of August, knowing Matrix is right by your side, with your safety and the safety of those you hold dear being the heart of everything we do.

Happy Women’s Day,

Liza MacRitchie

Brand Manager: Matrix


Women’s Day is celebrated on August 9 across the country. This annual holiday is borne from the admiration, gratitude and love towards women, honouring all women for their accomplishments in sectors including economy, politics and community. Matrix recognizes all women and remains right by your side providing the empowerment and assurance for your safety on our roads.

Planning your trip is an important aspect of your journey, being lost in an unfamiliar area could highlight you as a target. This is essential in the evening or during quiet periods on the roads. Ensure your vehicle is well maintained and that you have sufficient fuel for your journey, being stuck on the side of the road may leave you in a vulnerable situation. When travelling, ensure your valuables are in the boot of your car, do not talk on your mobile phone and ensure all your doors are locked for the duration of your journey. Remain vigilant of your surroundings, keep the volume of your radio down and do not offer a lift to strangers. It is important to drive with your vehicle lights on to create additional visibility on the road, should you be in a situation that requires assistance, remember to flash your lights and to make use of your hooter to alert other motorists of your distress.

It is essential that your Matrix panic button is attached to your car keys at all times, this is your best protection and easiest method to request assistance in a situation where your mobile phone may be out of reach. In the event of any malfunction with your vehicle, this button will also enable you to request immediate roadside assistance.

Never park your vehicle in a secluded and dark location, this decreases visibility and awareness, should you encounter a problem. Ensure your keys are in hand when approaching the vehicle and if you feel unsafe, rather err on the side of caution and request an escort. Check for anything out of the ordinary, as well as the back seat of your vehicle and ensure your lock the doors as soon as you are able.

While these tips may seem to be overbearing, being informed ahead of an incident always remains your best protection. Matrix lists tips and advice on road safety and criminal trends on a continuous basis, please be sure to view our website for more detail and to remain informed.