The Matrix Internet Tracking App enables you to track and monitor your car from your Smartphone from any place, at any time. All MX2 and MX3 customers have free access to the industry-leading Matrix App.

Have you downloaded the Matrix app yet?

Here are some of the things that the app enables you to do:

  • Personalise your app by uploading a picture of yourself or your car
  • Set your ‘Favourites’ for quick access by selecting up to 4 features that you use most often
  • View your vehicle’s position on a detailed map with pinpoint locations – select between standard, satellite, terrain and hybrid maps
  • View the weather at your vehicle’s position
  • View traffic information
  • The app links to your mobile phone’s navigation to plan routes and send directions from your smartphone to your vehicle’s onboard navigation or to another vehicle tracked on your account
  • Find where you parked your car by navigating from your phone to your car via the Matrix App using your phone’s built-in navigation
  • Enable and disable GeoLoc Advanced Alert – you will receive an alert if your vehicle is moved from that location while this feature is enabled.
  • View the individual trips on a map and customise the location names
  • Customise which notifications and alerts you want to receive and view the last 15 notifications generated
  • Set up geo-fence zones with corresponding alerts for when your family members enter the targeted zone
  • Receive alerts for harsh driving, battery tampering, and no-go zones
  • Monitor how your car is being driven by setting driving alerts
  • Contact the control room to report your stolen vehicle
  • Check the status of the Matrix unit to ensure it is communicating
  • See the status of your vehicle’s battery
  • Request the certi­ficate of installation for your insurance
  • Request your latest statement
  • Request roadside and medical assistance, including ground response teams who will be dispatched to your location (MX3 customers only)
  • Easily log your business and private trips as well as your vehicle expenses for ultimate convenience during tax season. The tax logbook and expense management system generates automated South African Revenue Service (SARS) compliant logbooks that you can retrieve and submit for your travel claims (MX3 customers only)

Simply download the MATRIX Internet Tracking App from the Google Play store or The App Store.

Let Matrix be right by your side when it matters most.