In light of a recent discussion in the media, regarding the effect of jamming devices on tracking units, MiX Telematics would like to reassure all our customers that your vehicle is in safe and capable hands.

Jamming devices are illegal and compromise the quality of cellular services, which has a direct effect on SVR products. These devices are not a new phenomenon and have been around, more or less, since the inception of the tracking industry. Jamming devices are just one of the numerous threats that we have to deal with and fortunately, we have been successful in addressing or at least combating the many techniques thieves use to steal motor vehicles thus far.

Not all tracking and recovery devices work the same and the variety of systems and services available in the market is at least one of the factors that contribute towards the success of the industry. MiX Telematics has a range of various products and technologies designed to suit various applications using both RF and GSM/GPS technologies.

Whilst we clearly recognise that there is no fool proof security device, our systems and services continually prove to be extremely effective against a myriad of threats including jamming devices. This claim is substantiated by our exceptional recovery rate over the past 17 years which our customers will attest to.

We trust that this has provided the reassurance you were seeking. Should you require additional information, or to enquire about additional security for you vehicle, please contact us on 011 654 8085 and we will gladly assist.

Brendan Horan
Managing Director: MiX Telematics (Consumer)