Tracking your vehicle online is not a new service offering for Matrix customers. In fact, Matrix has been offering customers Matrix Internet Tracking for some time now. We have, however, overtime realised that managing the admin around a vehicle can be very time and energy consuming for our customers. Between tracking private and business trips and documenting and calculating fuel and maintenance costs, our customers can spend hours each month making sure that they stay on top of their vehicle admin.

To make our customers’ lives even easier, we have developed an upgraded version of our Internet Tracking site that now offers Matrix MX3 customers a single platform where they can manage fuel and maintenance expenses, track their private and business trips and view past and present trips on a map. The site is web-based so that tracking and vehicle management details can be managed anywhere and at any time, helping our customers to save time.

As you can see, although online Internet vehicle tracking still has a role to play, especially when it comes to the management of vehicles and their corresponding expenses, sometimes knowing where your vehicle is and was, is information that you need while you are on the go.

Matrix is constantly developing and innovating and through focusing on our customers’ need for vehicle tracking access on the go, we have been able to create a solution in the form of Smartphone Tracking. This Smartphone Tracking Solution is known as the Matrix Smartphone Tracking App developed for MX2 and MX3 customers. This innovative App allows customers to track their vehicle or those of their loved-ones instantly from any Smartphone device. All Android, BlackBerry and iPhone users who have either the Matrix MX2 or Matrix MX3 fitted to their vehicles can use this Smartphone Tracking service to; view their vehicle’s movement history, individual trip routes on the map, the start and end point of each trip, their vehicle’s current location, their current speed of their moving vehicle and their position in relation to that of their vehicle.

There is no additional installation required to start utilising Matrix’s Smartphone Tracking, simply download the App (provided you are an MX2 and/or MX3 customer). So to get tracking on the go, simply visit your preferred App World below and download today!

·        To download Matrix’s Smartphone Tracking app for iPhone, click here.

·        To download Matrix’s Smartphone Tracking app for Blackberry application click here.

·        To download Matrix’s Smartphone Tracking app for Android application click here.


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