Matrix moves beyond pure vehicle tracking: Mobile App that is right by your side

The latest version of the Matrix Internet Tracking app has now been released and places the control straight into the hands and the minds of the user. With access to features like vehicle tracking, roadside and medical assistance and GeoLoc Advanced Alerts if someone drives your vehicle without authorisation, the Matrix app provides the right information in real time – delivering peace of mind straight to the user’s phone.

No matter where you are; sitting at a friend’s house for a braai, attending a sports match or even lending your vehicle to a friend or family member, you will be reassured, knowing your vehicle can be monitored in real-time via your smart phone or computer.

Grant Fraser, Product and Marketing Director for Africa at MiX Telematics describes the app:  “Alongside the usual GPS positioning features offered – it was important for us to include other value adds to the offering, with the end goal in mind of making the app that much more functional for the lifestyle of the mobile user.”

Some of the functionalities include; the ‘My Trips’ function*, which allows you to select and view a description of your latest trips and mark them as either business or personal to effortlessly track fuel or maintenance claims. You can also instantaneously report your vehicle as stolen or receive roadside and medical assistance 24/7 through the app – at the click of a button.

Another great feature is the app allows users to monitor driver event information, which means things like harsh braking, harsh cornering, and severe acceleration, over speeding and battery notification is all included.

“We have also enhanced personal security features within the app, and now users will get ‘GeoLoc Advanced Alerts’ of unauthorised movement of the vehicle.  This means that once the ‘GeoLoc Advanced Alert’ is enabled and a customer has parked their vehicle, they are able to lock the car position from the app.  Any unauthorised movement will result in an alarm being generated to our 24/7 national operation centre and the owner notified immediately.”  
“From start to finish, the app guarantees peace of mind through real-time feedback on vehicle location, as well as an immediate response in an emergency, in a time where every second counts with regards to your safety,” adds Fraser.

Fraser concludes: “The Matrix app is the perfect extension pack to customers who already use the Matrix Tracking device and will allow them to keep track of their or their family’s vehicles straight from their Smartphone or Tablet that supports IOS or Android.”

“We are committed to ensuring that we provide innovative solutions that move beyond purely vehicle tracking, which should be a standard for any tracking service provider. For Matrix, it’s vital to meet customers growing needs and simplify their life through innovation that they had not even imaged.”